Here’s a list of my development projects.  Some of these are things I’ve done in the past and want to re-do, some are projects I’m actively developing on, and some are completely abandoned.  I’ve ordered this list from oldest to newest.  Here we go:

  • Project Deimos.  I’ve been semi-working on large-scale space games (similar to Elite or Privateer) for nearly as long as I’ve been programming.  Unfortunately, my aims for the project are always so high that I never seem to get very far before I get disappointed with my progress and stop, only to start again later.  However, now that I have a lot of experience with VDrift under my belt, I’m taking another serious run at making the space game to end all space games.
  • VDrift.  It’s a driving simulator, like Gran Turismo for playstation.  It’s pretty far along as is quite playable.
  • Tetrigami. Tetrigami is an origami-themed tetromino game. The game came to be largely due to a gamedev article about how to build up to making cool independent games. To summarize, the article recommends starting with simple, small projects. Tetrigami is that project.
  • JoeSerialize serialization library. This is a very simple C++ serialization library that allows you to load and save the state of a C++ object to a file.
  • JoeRigidbody library.  This is a simple C++ 3D rigid body physics library.
  • Openwarrior.  This is a tactical FPS inspired by the Rainbow Six series.  It’s going to be oriented toward cooperative multiplay.  I made a Google Code webpage for the project that allows me to keep track of development progress.  I don’t update that page much and will probably end up moving it.  Also, I’m not 100% sure that I like the name.  It doesn’t really imply the tactical, modern day combat that I’d like it to.  I’ve released a simple techdemo; see my development journal posts for more information.
  • Sail 1600s.  This is a pirate-era sailing FPS.  I got as far as having land, water, and boats bobbing around before I stopped work.  I’d like to revisit this project sometime now that I know how to use shaders and have a better programming framework set up.  I’ve started work on defining a Game Design Document for this project.  See my development journal posts on this topic for more information.
  • VSound library.  This isn’t a game project, but it’s an off-shoot of VDrift’s sound engine.  I struggled with finding an open-source cross-platform 3D sound library.  OpenAL is basically your only choice, but the software sound mixing it does sounds horrible, and the way it’s packaged differently depending on distribution and version makes managing ports very difficult.  Anyway, long story short, I wrote my own 3D sound library on top of SDL.  I think it’d be useful to other developers so I’d like to package it up properly and make it available.
  • VFramework.  This is a simple game development framework.  It doesn’t have any fancy features, but it gets you set up with an SDL and OpenGL window and event system, and starts up a main game loop.  It’s useful for being able to prototype new ideas quickly, and it’s structured to channel the programmer toward good coding practices.  I think it might be useful for new developers and I would like to make it available.