About Tetrigami

Tetrigami is an origami-themed tetromino game. The game came to be largely due to a gamedev article about how to build up to making cool independent games. To summarize, the article recommends starting with simple, small projects. Tetrigami is that project.

How to play

You control the game with the keyboard arrow keys and the spacebar. Here's a list of the controls:

  • left/right arrow: move the piece left/right
  • up arrow: rotate the piece
  • down arrow: move the piece down
  • spacebar: instantly drop the piece to the bottom
  • escape: display the menu


The programming was done by Joe Venzon. The code borrows several modules from Joe's VDrift project. OpenGL and SDL are used for graphics, with SDL plus ogg vorbis for sound. The game was developed on Linux and uses SCons for the build system plus subversion for source control. Due to the portability of OpenGL and SDL, the game compiles without modification under Windows, OSX, and Linux. Automated windows build scripts allowed for "one button" SVN update, compilation, unit test execution, installer generation, and upload.

Music, Sound, and Art

Music, sound, and art were done by Jonathan Geer. Jonathan is an accomplished composer and musician. Joe and Jonathan met up on the gamedev.net forums and decided to try a small project.