Project Deimos

I've started getting somewhere on a new space-themed computer game that I hope to eventually release commercially. I haven't chosen a proper name yet but for now I've codenamed it "deimos" because it sounds like a symphony of evil and I like that. It's in the early stages, but today made some excellent progress and now have a networked client/server proof-of-concept up and running. You can't do much besides turn your ship on and off, but the important part is that you can do it over a network connection and it should be completely tolerant of lag spikes, dropped packets, etc. I don't have a lot of experience writing networking code so this is a big achievement for me and one of the two risk areas I knew I'd have to overcome when starting the project (the other being AI). Now that I have the networking system in place I should be able to proceed with adding other functionality and have it "just work" over the network.

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